Quip–a witty remark.  E-Quips (think e-book or email) is hopefully a witty blog  – dedicated to word play such as parodies, puns, and word parallels and stories about libraries that you may not have heard before. It has also expanded to include a few book reviews, nature and observational essays and poems,  stories about military and veterans, and tips about writers and writing. It has evolved into an online journal.  I also include select re-blogs to admire or inspire.



Hope you enjoy the ride and the fun.

Please let me know if there is word that deserves a riff or a library that has a story to share.

Thanks for joining me in the blogosphere.






28 thoughts on “e-Quips”

  1. Great articles! I really liked your piece on the history and current state of the library on the Midway. It looks like a great place to visit, and a wonderful resource for research.

    Future thought: How about comparing “martial law” with “marital law”?

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  2. Buongiorno
    Ti ringrazio per essere passato a visitare il mio blog e grazie pure per l apprezzamento.
    Ti seguirei con piacere ma ho visto che tu non segui il mio blog e ho tolto la mia iscrizione al tuo.
    Cerco di dare priorità a chi mi segue e seguirli è un metodo per non perderci di vista.
    Sai quando siamo in tanti,mi sembra giusto .
    Il blog è un vero impegno,richiede tempo.
    Grazie e buona giornata
    Se hai piacere a seguirmi ,io seguirò te.

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  3. I feel like I’m coming home. I grew up with a one-room library tucked behind the fire department, but at my grandmother’s I spent hours at a grand library (still small) with Georgian columns and a complete set of Frank L Baum’s Oz books.
    Best ever cover – the prince with a hole in his middle. Or, maybe Tik-Tok!


  4. Bonjour mon AMI

    Chaque jour est un nouveau chapitre de la vie

    Il nous apporte de nouvelles énigmes à résoudre

    Vis chaque instant avec passion afin d’écrire la plus belle des histoires

    Que cette journée t’apporte le sourire et remplir ton cœur de bonheur

    Agréable journée à toi et ceux de ton entourage

    Bise AMICALE Bernard


  5. Bonjour les amis amies

    Bonne fête à vous les mères en ce dimanche 4 juin , toutes les années vous entrez dans l’histoire

    Ou vos enfants petits enfants sont là pour vous dire bonne fête maman avec un petit cadeau soit par leur présence un petit baiser un resto un cadeau une fleur ou autre
    C’est un message d’amour pour dire à sa mère qu’on l’aime pour toujours

    En ce jour d’anniversaire à venir BONNE FETE A TOUTES LES MAMANS

    En toute amitié Bernard, tout le meilleur pour vous

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