Overdue or Overdo

Sometimes things in our life are overdue.  At other times we overdo it.  Sometimes we overdo it because things have become overdue, like when your life is a mess and you begin the New Year with more resolutions than time or energy to accomplish any of them.

  • Overdue-the adjective, means not having arrived, happened or been done by the expected time.
  • Overdo-the verb, means to exaggerate or to carry to excess.


Books; transportation schedule for busses, trains, ships, and planes; menstrual cycles; gestation periods can all be overdue at times.

Drama queens, teenagers, annoyed parents, many hysterical people and life can also overdo it at times.

This parody on Overdues may encompass both meaning of the word.

Overdues (To be sung to Jingle Bells)

While dashing out the door,

Suddenly I knew,

The book left on the table

Was three months overdue.

I shivered in my boots,

I knew the book was late,

I’d meant to return it

But I just forgot the date.

Overdues, overdues

Get later every day

I know she’ll ask me why it’s late.

Oh, what should I say?

Overdues, overdues

Get later all the time.

I’d meant to return it,

But I can’t afford the fine.

Are you more likely for it to be overdue or are you more likely to overdo it?  Join in the conversation below and share the last time something was overdue or you overdid it.


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