Uncivil Rights

taking-a-knee-in-battle         Many reasons to take a knee:  battle, prayer, protest.


When Kaepernick took a knee during the playing of the National Anthem last fall, he set off a frenzy of people who felt strongly that what he was doing was right or wrong.  Was it freedom of speech, a form of protest, or just plain disrespect?

Civil–adjective meaning secular or relating to ordinary citizens.  Second meaning to be polite and courteous.

Rights–noun meaning what is morally right or honorable.  Second meaning a moral entitlement to obtain or act in a particular way.

suffragette-mob    Suffragettes marching for the right to vote

mlk-civil-rights  Martin Luther King speaking on civil rights for all


Writes–verb, to make a mark or symbol on some surface such as a paper or to compose some written piece such as a letter or a blog

writing-with-a-keyboard  Writing now

Writing then  writing-in-greece

Rites–noun, a formal or ceremonial procedure

stonehenge-rites  Rites at Stonehenge

Equal Rites by Terry Pratchett.  equal-rites-by-terry-pratchett

For many citizens in the United States, standing at attention and placing their right hand over their heart is a civil rite observed while the National Anthem is being played or the flag is passing in review.    crowd-pledge-of-allegiance

Some are uncivil to people who feel that interracial-mobsit is their civil right to do something different, such as a zombie apocalypse,  a clenched fist or taking a knee.




Others write uncivil newscasts, tweets, or letters to the editor if they feel that a civil rite or anwriting-a-ticket exercise in civil rights disagrees with  views they hold strongly.


Parody to My Favorite Things.

My Least Favorite Things

National bullies and rush hour traffic

Fake news and alt facts cause all kinds of havoc

Texting while driving and potholes in spring

These are a few of my least favorite things


When the light’s red, when I’m running late

When I’m not feeling fine,

I reach in the ‘fridge for that always chilled bottle

To pour myself some wine.






5 thoughts on “Uncivil Rights”

  1. Rolig’s post
    Stravinsky wrote the Rites of Spring.
    “What hath he wrought?” musicians asked.
    “I wrote the Rites,” he said.
    They cried, “You have no right to write like that! That’s wrong!”
    “Look right there,” Stravinsky wrote. “I’m within my rights and the Rites are written left to right. I wrote the Rites right.”
    They left.

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