Egging Them On

Did you see the house that got egged last night?   Wonder who egged the pranksters on?  Bet they weren’t good eggs at all. The yolk was on them when the cops showed up.  The eggs weren’t the only runny things. That cracked me up. Guess the planning wasn’t egg-quisite enough although their defense was that they were just egg-spressing themselves. I’m dying to know who they were. If it were my house, I would think they were just being shell-fish.

Egging- verb or gerund, to urge someone on to do risky or foolish.  Also a prank where people throw eggs at a house, people or cars.

eggs (humpty dumpty)There is something about making Easter eggs or trying to avoid children shouting and hunting for Easter eggs that can bring out the rotten or hard boiled egg punster in many of us.  Bet Humpty Dumpty is not the only one who will take a great fall during the scramble to find all the eggs.

Have you ever been to the White House Easter Egg Roll?  According to the website (which features a count down to the event, “(t)he first Easter Egg Roll of the Trump Administration will be held on Monday April 17th, 2017 from 7:30AM – 6:45PM. Thousands of lucky guests from across the nation will gather on the South Lawn of the White House for games, storytelling, entertainment and egg rolling. ”

eggs (white house easter egg roll)

Eggs-bunny and flowers

What is your favorite egg pun, cartoon, or Easter Egg Hunt memory?  Join the conversation and share your egg-quisite memories.

Egg-bunny on a surfboard


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