To diet or not to dye it?

She looks different.  Has she cut or colored her hair?  Maybe she’s lost weight. I’m not really sure.

Diet – (noun) type of food a person normally eats  or a special course of food one restricts oneself to in order to lose weight or for medical reasons.  (verb)-to restrict oneself to small portions

Dye it – (noun) a natural or synthetic substance used to change or add color to a substance.  (verb)–to add orchange the color of something by soaking it in a dye impregnated solution.

When trying to lose weight, diet alone if often not enough to achieve or maintain the Tweety bird on caloriesweight loss.  Many specialists recommend that diet be combined with exercise.  Ten thousand steps per day is one measure of exercise that is currently popular. Others recommend sports, cardio, strength and flexibility classes, yoga, walking a pet, having an exercise partner, listening to peppy music, etc.  Some people can lose weight and burn calories by simply being fidgety. For most of us it requires time, effort and sweat equity.

Funny how we need to buy special equipment, shoes, clothes, and accessories before we can completely commit to whatever our new exercise regime may be.  It seemed so much easier when we were kids and took off running whenever we got the opportunity.

If black is supposed to make you look thinner, then why does dark hair often make your skin look older?  If a little fat in your face helps puff out the wrinkles, why is looking thinner supposed to make you  look younger and more youthful?

Do you remember when you put a single color in your hair or maybe a blend of colors to achieve a more “natural” look?  Hair can now be striped, dipped, baliaged (for that sun-kissed look).  People dye their hair on all parts of their bodies from heads to pubes.  Sometimes they dye their pet’s fur to match their own or dye their hair to match their pets.


What do you do to look younger or feel healthier?  Have you gone on a diet or dyed your hair?   Has your hair suffered because of the diet you have been on?  Join the conversation and share whether you dyed it or diet?  Was it successful?


2 thoughts on “To diet or not to dye it?”

  1. Leaving aside the excellent medical reasons for dieting, I suspect that most people — face it, mostly women — diet for self image. That’s the same reason we color our hair, apply makeup, and pay for facelifts, pedicures, and nose rings. We’re not satisfied with our natural appearance, so we try to improve on it, goaded along by peer pressure and the entertainment industry. And it makes us feel good, usually. It’s not clear to me why men aren’t fueled by the same urge, though. They can certainly look around and see other men who are thinner, more tanned, and have shinier hair. Why don’t they spend more time in salons and obsessing about their extra pounds? I thought they were the competitive sex.


  2. Rolig, as always, your comments are spot on. Many men are so self-absorbed, they may be oblivious to how they appear to anyone else. They may still wear the same size pants they wore in high school but the waistband is hiding under a belly and their 6-pack abs have become at least a pony keg.


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