Double letters–double trouble?

DictionariesHave you ever wondered why some words have double letters and some words don’t?   If you want to change plan to the past tense, you need to double the N–planned.   If you just added the ed, it would be planed.  The same rule is applied to the past tense of stop–stopped.  However, if the word is stoop, then you just add the ed–stooped.  Pronunciation is one of the major reasons why some words have double letters and some do not.

Is a winer, someone who wines?  According to the Urban Dictionary, it is Whining Child
” (o)ne who whines and dines; typically drinking cheap red wine out of a bag-in-box”  I  would have thought that would be whiner.  Which one is actually the winner?

Assume is the classic ass u (and) me.  With that acronym, It is easy to remember that assume has a double S.

What about unnecessary–two N‘s and two S’s?  Are both double letters really necessary or needed (which has two ED‘s).

Mississippi and TenneseeMississippi–Tennessee.  States with multiple redundant letters.  I had a friend from Tennessee who shared a  cheer with me–T, E, Double N, E, Double S, Double E–Tennessee! Learning that cheer meant I could always spell at least that state correctly.

If you googlelogo_color_272x92dp double letters, you will find several results.

Words with Double Letters – Panopy

Words 4 letters long. Back to: Main Page. Back to: Top of this Page. Double letters at 1st position: eels, oops, ooze; Double letters at 2nd position: been, good, …

Words with Double Letters – English Grammar Rules & Usage › … › Word Lists › Words with Double Letters
There is a much larger number of double letter words when you add a letter to make a 4 letter word, such as ball, been, beer, beet, beep, bell, boom, boot, book, bull, butt, call, cell, coon, dell, doll, door, doom, fall, fell, feel, feet, foot, food, fool, fuss, full, gull, gall, hall, hell, heed, heel, hill, hull, …
Nov 25, 2016 – I’m not a native speaker but I see it this way: Two consonants in a word give us a different pronunciation like in: apple and aple are different in …

Word Whizzle Double Letters answers!
l l t o d o a a d p p m i g g e r k y o m s. Theme: Double Letters. The puzzle is 5×5 size and you will receive 5 points for this answer. Answer: topper, llama …

Log in or sign up to get involved in the conversation. It’s quick and easy. Heartspring commented on the list doubleletter-words. Double letters lost in the crypt.

Some people have contests on words where the first letters are doubled  like aardvark and llama or the second letters are doubled like look and beet, or the third letters are doubled like letter and ladder.  You get the idea….

Which double letter words do you find the most troublesome?  Have you ever doubled a letter and found that was a word where the letter did not need to be doubled?  Join in the conversation and share you favorite or least favorite double trouble-double letter word.








2 thoughts on “Double letters–double trouble?”

  1. I love your TENNESSEE mnemonic. I hadn’t heard that one before. I do remember M – I – double S – I – double S – I – double P – I, though. (Was that in Tom Sawyer, maybe?)

    I think of myself as a fairly good speller, but I admit to having trouble with double letters sometimes. BARREL just never looks right to me, so I have to write BARELL first to reassure myself that it looks even worse. It doesn’t help that some words have single and double letter variants, depending on whether you are east or west of the Atlantic Ocean. Brits tend to write “travelled” where Americans write “traveled,” for example. You can get away with either one, I suppose because they are pronounced the same (unlike, say, “cuter” and “cutter” or “taper” and “tapper”).

    Wherever they appear, I find myself hesitating very briefly as I sense a double letter pothole ahead.


  2. It might have come from Tom Sawyer. When I googled it, it listed a reference to Bobby Gentry’s Mississippi Delta Lyrics off her Ode to Billy Joe album. I don’t have trouble with barrel but at different times I have had trouble with of and off because to me neither spelling looks right when compared to the way they are pronounced. I have one word like travelled or traveled that I keep misspelling and I am totally blocking on what that word is. I was hoping someone might include it in a reply. Thanks for another thoughtful response.


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