Alms for the Pour

Carinal Point winesAt the Cardinal Point Winery in Afton Virginia,  I saw the sign attached to a half carafe next to the register, “Alms for the Pour”  I thought it was a very clever take on a tips jar.  Usually the message is Tips Make You Sexy or Are You Feeling Tipsy (which might have been a cause for concern in a winery.)

Alms (noun) in historical context, money or food given to poor peAlms for the Pour.jpgople (pour people?)

Poor (adjective) – lacking sufficient income to live at a comfortable or normal level in society or worse than normal, expected, or desirable.

Pour (verb) -to cause a liquid to pour in a steady steam from a container by holding the container at an angle or to prepare a drink

If you fail to get sufficient liquid into your glass, you might say “Poor pour, pitiful me.”



If the wine is of poor quality you may need the spit jar to dispose of the unwanted spit jar 2remainder.  If you use the spit jar too often you are less inclined to leave alms in the tips jar.

Hint–If you are doing a lot of wine tasting, it is recommended that you use the spit jar rather than swallow the wine and increase your chance of getting intoxicated.  Swirl-Sniff-Sip-Swallow normally. Swirl-Sniff-Sip-Spit if tasting in quantity.

What is your favorite tip jar sign?  Join in the conversation and share your favorite beverage tasting experience.  Was it beer, wine, a distillery, or a cidery?  Have you ever been to a water tasting, where they compared tap, with various still or sparkling waters?



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