Reblog of Robert’s Rules of Order Blog Post

Robert's Rules of Order 1876Many of us have attended various virtual meetings.   I’ve been fortunate enough to attend civil meetings where the worst problem was trying to identify the voice of whoever was talking.  I am sharing this Robert’s Rule of Order blog post for those of you who may have to host or attend virtual meetings.   Hope it helps.

Have you ever attended a virtual meeting?  What are the pros and cons?  Join in the conversation and share your thoughts.  For me, the pros are not having to go anywhere, so less expense and hassle.  The cons are having to guess who’s speaking, technical difficulties with phone and/or computer, and difficulties in sharing info. Virtual worlds like Second Life offer a compromise where everyone’s avatar is sitting in the same virtual space.



4 thoughts on “Reblog of Robert’s Rules of Order Blog Post”

  1. This is indeed a common problem, and it doesn’t apply only to meetings on the Internet. The same issues can arise in an old-fashioned conference call by telephone. I meet with colleagues for quarterly board meetings by telephone. We always have to contend with background noise, interruptions, and confusion about who is speaking. Things can run more smoothly if each person who speaks starts by saying, “Bob here …” or “I’m Jane …”, so we know who we’re listening to. It can be hard to identify even a good friend on a noisy line. Interruptions can be another problem. When we can see each other face to face, we use visual cues to tell us when one person has finished speaking and someone else is poised to jump in. Women are especially conditioned to wait for those cues, so they lose out when they can’t see them in a phone call. I can’t see a good solution, except to ask everyone to wait for a count of three before jumping into a gap in conversation or, as the linked article suggests, having a moderator control who speaks and for how long.

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  2. Good comments Rolig and I agree with all of them. Phone noise is hard so as are dropped calls since many of us now use cellphones. Sometimes the service drops us and sometimes I just disconnect the call accidentally. I like Second Life meetings better but most people are not in virtual worlds and it is a steep learning curve for Noobies.


  3. Some of the best virtual meetings I have had (outside of Second Life, where we have at least some visual cues) have been in Skype or Discord, where we can have several chat channels open at once, in addition to a voice channel. It takes a little getting used to, but it means that we can carry on side conversations and pass attachments while handling the voice conversation — sort of like trading IMs during a meeting in SL.


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