New Online Portal at the Library of Congress

Library of Congress LogoFrom    Research Buzz, Oct 4, 2017 – Library of Congress: New Online: A Redesigned Portal for Librarians and Archivists. “The Library of Congress provides many resources to support information professionals worldwide. To streamline access to that content, we’ve redesigned our portal for librarians and archivists. The new portal highlights the standard library functions of acquisitions, bibliographic access, preservation and public service, providing an overview of these activities at the Library and links to a wealth of content and documentation in each area. A new banner on the opening page features each of the four library functions and offers access to our most popular online catalogs and quick links to content for library professionals: the Library of Congress Classification Outline, BIBFRAME and MARC21.”

I tried doing a sample search on Lighthouse Libraries–lots of results but no much on lighthouse libraries.

Light House LIbray search in new LC portal

Searches can be limited by format, date, location, collection, contributor, subject, language and access condition (print or online). Results can be viewed in list, gallery, grid, and slideshow.   They can be sorted by relevance, title, title (descending), date, date (oldest first), shelf order, and shelf order (reverse).

The keyword search produces some very odd results. For example, a query for Armed Services Editions also retrieved books on Courts Martial, Law of Armed  Conflict Deskbook, 2015, and Rise and Progress of the English Constitution, 10th edition.




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