I Read Therefore I am

reading--scrabbleDenzil from Life Sentences shared this blog post.” https://lifesentences.blog/2017/11/03/why-read/.  It raised a very provocative question:  Why Read?  The blog he shared is a new blog by Hans De Keulenaer, https://hdkeulenaer.wordpress.com/2017/10/15/why-read/,

reading glasses, proseWhy do you read?  I have been reading since before I officially could read.  (I have long thought that I could “read”  books before going to school  In reality, they may have been read to me so many times they were probably just memorized.)  I read whenever I can.  At one point, I even read the back  of the Comet can in the bathroom because there was nothing else to read.

One good thing about the word read is that it is spelt the same in present and past tenses. Read (present tense pronounced like reed) is the same spelling as read (past tense pronounced as red).  This is helpful for me since I think I am mixing the tenses in the second paragraph, but even I can’t really tell and I wrote the danged thing.

I asked my good friend and frequent blog commentator, Rolig Loon who is brilliant in so many areas, how to translate I read therefore I am into Latin.

Rolig has done her usual excellent job:

 “What I read, I become” >>> Quid est legi: facti sunt mihi
“I become what I read” >>>
Ego lego quid fiet
“My life is an open book” >>>
Librum apertum est anima mea
“I live because I read” >>>
Vivo ego legitur
“Open book: open life” >>>
Aperire librum, vita apertum

“As I read, my world grows” >>> Atque in legendo augetur mundi

And from Google Translator: Lego cogito ergo sum

Why do you read?  Join in the conversation and share your take on why you read.  You are the only one that can tell us why.

reading book boy and stuffed animals






9 thoughts on “I Read Therefore I am”

  1. Or maybe a banner over the door of the reading room? Unfortunately, I think the days are past when the average reader might be expected to understand an unfamiliar Latin phrase. My grandfather used to read Virgil for pleasure, but I haven’t used my 4 years of high school Latin for much in more than half a century. Still, even an untranslated quip is a reminder of our deep linguistic heritage. If you want to make a T-shirt, go for it!

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    1. Great idea. It is good that we are reminded that at one point we were a nation of literary people–instead of dumbed down twits. Unfortunately, I am not an entreprenuer. Maybe someone else will fly with this idea.


  2. My friend and author of Coffee in San Diego ( https://coffeeinsandiego.com/), Patty had the following comment.
    Loved your I Read Therefore I Am! I tried posting a comment, but need a password, which I don’t want to add to my life. So here is what I would have said:
    I read because it takes me places…either to other lands or other people’s shoes.


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