What Is the Only Season with Two Names

Autumn at Linden

Winter, Summer and  later, Spring

Are only called by just one thing

The final season you may recall

Is known as Autumn and as Fall

Why is this, you want to know.

Because leaves fall when wind does blow?

The plausible answer, I do assure ya.

Can be found in this post by Atlas Obscura

This is Blog Post 100.



11 thoughts on “What Is the Only Season with Two Names”

  1. Lovely post. Of course, the double name for autumn is specific to the English language. In Flemish and Dutch, there is just a single word for the season. I wonder how it is in other languages.


  2. True. I am functional in Spanish and only know a few phrases in other languages. One of the beauties and curses of English is the complexities of its words and sounds. Excellent question. I have heard hypothetically that the Eskimos have several different words for snow because it is so dominant in their culture. Wonder if other languages have multiple words for something we only have a single word.


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