Yankee Doodling with History

United States mapI don’t know if other nation’s teach their history as if it began when the country was founded or discovered, but in the United States,  American history is taught at the expense of world ( or least European history.)  My apologies to our Native Americans, whose history has been so often over looked–especially when we say the Columbus “discovered” the Western Hemisphere in 1492.

Christopher ColumbusWhy did Columbus “discover” the New World in 1492?  Why not 1491 or earlier?  The Reconquista of the Iberian peninsula (driving out the Moors or the Islamists) began in 711 and was finally completed in 1492.  Queen Isabella had told Columbus that she would not be able to finance his expeditions until Spain was once again a Christian nation.

French and Indian WarThe French and Indian War was actually only one part of the Seven Years War (1756-1763).  Although the French and Indian War took place on what was then the
American  and Canadian frontiers.  The Seven Years War also took place in Europe, West Africa, India, the Philippines and other parts of the Americas.

War of 1812 was actually a by-product of the Napoleonic Wars, which were a series of wars between 1803 and 1815.  America was affected by both British and French sanctions against the United States during the wars.

World War I was fought in Europe from 1914-1918.  The United States did not enter into the War until 1917.

World War 1 Trench

World War II was fought from September 1939 through September 1945.  The United States did not enter the War until after Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941.

The Vietnam  ConWorld War II map'flict (1955-1975) was also known as the Second Indo-china War.  (The First Indo-China War ranged from 1945 when the Japanese surrendered through 1954 when the French were defeated by Dien Bien Phu.)



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