Squirrelly in the Winter–WE SURRENDER!

The squirrel became too demanding.  Before my husband could get the second feeder back up and filled, the squirrel expressed his displeasure by peeing on the window again.  Water once again washed the rodent urine away and the feeder was put back up.

Squirrel feeding from second feeder

It lasted two days.

Squirrel knocked the feeder upside down

The squirrel  managed to turn the feeder upside down and hanging by one suction cup.  All of the food fell to the ground.

feeder without top

Again the squirrel expressed his displeasure by peeing on the window.  The second feeder fell to the ground and broke.

My husband says “That’s it!”  No more.”

I guess that ground food is not good enough for our squirrel because there are still several seeds lying in the dirtSeeds on the ground.jpg.

prickly gum ballLast evening, when I went outside to look at the broken feeder lying in the dirt, something hit me from behind.  Something (or some squirrel) had dislodged a prickly gumball, which bounced off my backside.

Squirrels -2

Feeders- 0.

7 thoughts on “Squirrelly in the Winter–WE SURRENDER!”

  1. Thanks, Andrea. It was laugh at what happened or try unsuccessfully wreck havoc upon the squirrel. He seems to have moved on in his search for easy food. No more staring at us from the dogwood branch or leaving squirrel pee on the window.


  2. Oh, no! Defeated by a squirrel. If it helps to know, they have defeated many souls, and not all took it as calmly as you appear to have done. They are fierce, resourceful critters and I only grudgingly admire them from afar.

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  3. Squirrels are the bane of bird feeders everywhere. I have heard that they now have squirrel baffles that can defeat or at least slow down a squirrel. I don’t think they have been made for the suction cup bird feeders that we were using. My friend in the North Carolina mountains has had a few expensive bird feeders destroyed by visiting black bears. I’m glad we do not have that level of bird food snatchers. And the feeders that were destroyed were not expensive. Thanks for commenting and the compliment about our response to our neighborhood pest.


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