More about Little Free Libraries

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I can not fathom why Canadian librarians might view LFL as the competition, but to each their own.  Mirable Dictu does a lovely job with words and picture about LFL in her neighborhood.  Interesting Read.

To read more about Little Free Libraries, check this out too:

Seasons Readings!DSC00721

Little Free Library at the Peaks of Otter Lodge, off the Blue  Ridge Parkway near Bedford, VA


9 thoughts on “More about Little Free Libraries”

  1. I love this concept. In Brussels we simply call them book boxes and they are surprisingly useful. The box might be stocked with anything between 10 and 30 books. It is great for serendipitous discovery. I found a Quran, Erasmus’ Folly, an essay by Peter Sloterdijk, … I always bring multiple books and not always find one to take. Still it works like a charm :-). It’s a great feeling that a book will have a second or third life beyond lying on a shelf.

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  2. I’ve not come across these before, though they might exist on the UK mainland. Anything to get people, particularly children, reading can only be a good thing. Yes, public libraries are under pressure but I doubt if LFLs will change the economic realities.
    Book Crossing is another way of recycling books, though their methods are cumbersome. I’d sooner pay a pound/dollar to a charity/thrift shop for a book and help their fund-raising efforts. Here (Jersey, C.I.) there’s an annual second-hand book sale – it’s huge – raising thousands for a local charity. Maybe preferable than getting something for nothing.

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    1. Book sales are great money makers here in the States also. I have found LFLs in neighborhoods, sometimes at the mall, in a lodge at one of our National Parks. Sometimes they are new/used bookstores or libraries nearby–at other times they are not near anything but houses.

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