8 thoughts on “Freelancing? What Should You Charge?”

  1. Excellent guideline.When I finished the master in naturopathy I did on the side of university ,our teacher advised to charge high as to show our competence.Low charge would have been a sign of underestimate ourself and our professionalism.
    Actually ,now,20 years later I’m not that sure.😉


  2. There may be some truth in that. When I lived in California, people would put stuff out on the street for free take away. Usually the used furniture is varying stages of used disappeared within an hour. One time a chest of drawers stayed there for a few days. The people were doing a yard sale and ended up selling the couch for $5. Sometimes you can’t figure this stuff out. (Realize that used furniture and free lancing are two totally different things but people sometimes value what they pay for more than the same thing offered for free.)


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