Hike for Haikus

Haiku is a three-line Japanese poem.  It is usually in a 5/7/5 syllable count. Focusing on images from nature, a haiku is often direct, simple and intense.  Many bloggers include haikus in their blogs: Namrata D. Prabhakar’s  In the World of Thought is one such blogger.

rainclouds at sea

Gently weeping rain

Cleanses sky and soul alike

Water begat life

by Equipsblog

Atlas Obscura shares a Haiku Pathway in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  At the Santa Fe Community College,  36 stones are etched with a haiku from either a student or notable New Mexican poets.

“The Haiku Pathway was created by artist Christy Hengst and poet Miriam Sagan, the project’s poetry curator. The mix of poems (some using a more contemporary form that doesn’t strictly adhere to the 5/7/5 syllable form) describe the site’s surroundings, from mountains to student life, but are also a mix of whimsy, reflection, and humor.”


2 thoughts on “Hike for Haikus”

  1. It wasn’t until I began blogging that I was really introduced to haiku and I do like their elegance and simplicity – though the quote above is very amusing as I do sometimes have to puzzle over their meaning! Yours is beautiful, love the ‘gently weeping rain’.


  2. Thanks Andrea. I wrote it a few years ago and am still rather fond it of. I like haikus — some of them are beautiful and some of them are puzzling. A microcosm of poetry in general.


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