Smart Phones and the Gym–Do’s and Dont’s

You might think people go to the gym to work out, improve their health, maybe even to socialize.  Nowadays, they seem to go to text, maybe catch up on a little email.  From college students to their grandparents, gym rats seem to spend more time on their apps than their abs.

Here is my short list of smart phone do’s and dont’s:

no cameras allowed in locker rooms

  1. No cameras in the locker room–ever.  Save your salacious picture taking for the privacy of wherever you call home.
  2. No texting or reading your email while taking a break from your exercises (when you  are sitting at the only leg press in the gym.)  There are couches and chairs near the check-in desk for that.  It’s bad enough to wait while someone finished their umpteenth set of reps.  We shouldn’t have to wait for you to  text too.
  3. Go outside if you have to take or make that phone call.  Between the sports and news pundits on the competing televisions, the music being blared for all to share, the thuds of free weights being dropped, and  every day conversations, gyms are already noisy phone and runner on a bench
  4.  Do listen to whatever type of music you enjoy on you smart phone play list, especially if you treat yourself (and the your temporary neighbors) to a good set of headphones or earbuds.
  5. Disconnect from your electronic life support for however long you are in the gym (the exception being Rule 4.


smart phone on an ellipticalI’ll  thank you the next time I see you at the gym.  (I’ll bet I won’t be the only one who appreciates what you are trying to do.)



5 thoughts on “Smart Phones and the Gym–Do’s and Dont’s”

  1. Good advice. We have always been at the mercy of thoughtless people in public places, probably as far back in history as you care to look. The problem today is that more and more of our world is public, and more and more of us are in it. It’s not as easy to find places to be alone these days, and to avoid all of those thoughtless people.

    Or for them to avoid us.

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  2. LOL. How many times have we tried to not inconvenience one person or people and inadvertently affected a different group? While waiting for the clueless pedestrians to pass, we may be holding up traffic or someone waiting for our parking spaces. One time at a rainy craft fair in West Virginia, I stopped to let what I thought would be a single car out. I didn’t move again until the entire line continued past me without a hint of a pause. boy was I dumb.


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