Squirrely in the Winter: Once More into the Fray

Squirrel feeder brand newWe were at the Crozet Hardware store last week to buy some small wood screws for the top of the coffee table.  While we were there, we detoured to see the bird/squirrel feeders.  Bob was looking for one that might attach to a different window than the front one.  Instead of finding one with suction cups, he found one that could be hung from the branch of the beech tree in the back yard.

We brought the feeder home, filled it with bird seed  and hung it up outside.


It rained for the next two days.  On the third day, the squirrel discovered the bird feeder.  To get to it, he had to hang upside down from the limb and swing the  feeder over to him.  In two days, he managed to eat or knock all of the seeds out of the feeder. ( I saw one bird using the feeder.  However I did see several birds eating seeds on the ground, probably left over from what the squirrel dislodged while he was gorging.)

Squirrel feeding upside down at new feeder

While we watched the squirrels today, we saw one jump onto the feeder, twirling it and dislodging the top before he fell, landing on his feet.  (We were not quick enough to catch a picture of him falling.)

Squirrel feeder after the squirrel fell offr

We also saw two squirrels on different trees (the two trees in the squirrel feeding picture above) flicking their tails at each other.  I’m not sure if the one at the feeder was telling the other “Back off, this is mine.”  or “Beware of the humans on the porch.  They’re watching us.” Again, we were not quick enough to catch the two squirrels and a still shot would not have captured the tail flicks.

The squirrels managed to empty the entire feeder  again in 3 days.

Bob refilled it yesterday and the squirrel ate about 20% of it.  Now a cardinal keeps watch over the feeder, from another branch on the tree.Cardinal watching the squirrel feeder


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