Squirrely in the Winter: Squirrels-3 Feeders-0

Squirrels have proven to much for every feeder we have put our this winter.

Two were attached to the front window and the squirrels managed to  dislodge and break both of them.Squirrel at bird feederSquirrel feeding from second feeder

We were then naive enough to think that if we got one that hung from the tree, it might be safer.  The squirrel managed to eat the entire contents of the feeder every  3 days.  It wasn’t until Bob went out to fill the feeder, that we found the squirrel was eating more then the seeds.

So it’s back to the drawing board.  Bob is now thinking that maybe we need a flat feeder bird bath-feedersort of like a bird bath.  It will be no problem for the squirrels to hoover, but it may be more resistant to rodent gnawing.  Maybe something like this for example.

Otherwise that squirrel is going to have to forage for himself….


2 thoughts on “Squirrely in the Winter: Squirrels-3 Feeders-0”

  1. The problem is poor engineering, as you have noticed several times now. Those bird feeders were all designed for aesthetics or were simply meant as low-cost seed containers. If I were creating a squirrel-proof bird feeder, I would imagine something with two concentric clear plastic cylinders, one significantly larger than the other — so, a 3 inch diameter one inside a 15 inch diameter one. The inner cylinder is the actual seed container, a traditional bird feeder. The outer one is a barrier that is hard for a squirrel to hold onto with his little paws and is far enough from the seeds that he can’t stretch or leap to them, even if he could hold on. If I had the materials (or the money to invest), I might just make one myself. Except that we have surprisingly few squirrels here to test it on. I have no idea why. Maybe they’ve all moved to Virginia, laughing all the way. (Hee hee hee)

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  2. If you did design a squirrel-proof feeder, I’m sure it would be brilliant. I’ve seen your virtual wok and it is outstanding. Evil of you to wish more squirrels on us. Sheeesh, Congress and the White House are just up the road. Maybe the squirrels come because of the proximity to so many nuts.


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