Helio’s Emissaries

St Paul Ivy graveyard

Helios gazed down at the winter-bound Earth

Frozen and stiff, lacking both joy and mirth

“Earth needs some color,” he firmly declared,

“Yellow should cheer the glum and the scared.”

So at the end of the two ‘Uaries

He sent down some miniscule Emissaries.

Winter Jasmine Boar's Head Inn

First to leave was Winter Jasmine

To fill the void in Winter’s chasm

Two crocus St. Paul Ivy Graveyard

Next to go were little crocus

To help new Spring to thrive and focus


As March began the meteorological season


Dandelions spread sans rhyme or reason


Forsythia bushes shot forth new shoots


Daffodil bulbs grew flowers and roots


Jonquils showed their sunny faces


Pansies bloomed in sunlit spaces

easter lily

The Easter Lily tall and fragrant

Was a welcome guest and not a vagrant.



The Earth welcomed these sunbeam guests

and wore them like it’s Sunday best.




2 thoughts on “Helio’s Emissaries”

  1. You made me think twice with ” ‘Uaries.” Clever. And it’s a cute poem, fitting to the season — or the Season Yet to Come, depending on where you live. Personally, I have never been a fan of the mud and squishiness of Spring, but I do welcome the jonquils and hyacinths. You’ve done them proud, and found neat illustrations too. Thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks. Glad you liked it. The first couple of pictures are mine, but I wanted to get this posted before all of the flowers became available. I was wondering if anyone would get hung up on the “Uaries. I have noticed that readers that do not understand a reference blame the author rather than looking it up….


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