Book Scented Candles

Wren Library CambridgePeople have used books as accent pieces or decorations for centuries.  People being interviewed used to pose in front of  book case long before the ubiquitous blue curtain with several strategically placed logos–whether for a photograph or a television/movie/video camera.

Places as diverse as an officer’s club or a hotel lobby often have books displayed to provide a sense of intellectual activity or to make the place seem more homey.


Now they can go one step further.  Since the sense of smell is supposed to be the most primitive sense, why just look at old books when you can smell old books?  It should come as no surprise that you can buy old book scented candles on Amazon.  Frostberd (the company even sounds literary in a Tolkien kind of way) offers  scents that include both books (like the Shire from the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings Trilogy) and places (like Old Books or Reading at the Cafe).

literary candles

To find out more click here for the Atlas Obscura article

A quick review of the Amazon site reveals other purveyors of old book scented candles.

  • Luminous Candles, a soy based candles with titled collections including The Library, Antique Books, Outlander, Middle Earth, and Austen
  • Dio Candles, Hogwarts book-sized collection with candles for all four houses.
  • Paddywax Library Collection with a Tolstoy scented candle
  • Village Candle Leather bound scented candle

What would be your favorite scented candle?


6 thoughts on “Book Scented Candles”

  1. Hope you find a scent you like (maybe even one to compliment a favorite book). If you do buy one, please let me know what you think. I have not tried any of these candles yet.


  2. Personally — not to use too harsh a verb — I detest scented candles. I have tossed ones I received as gifts, and I avoid those shops in malls that — like the equally annoying perfume areas in department store — seem intent on assailing my nose with unwanted odors. My DIL’s mother is asthmatic and highly sensitive to scents, but I don’t have that excuse. I just don’t like them. That aside, however, I love books and I admit that the smell of old books is a comforting, nostalgic one. It’s one of the features that keep me reading the real thing instead of joining the parade toward audio books or e-reader editions. The smell belongs in a book, though, not a candle.

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