You Are Not a Real Writer

If you write, you are a writer. A published writer–that depends…..

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Vonetta YoungBy Vonetta Young

You squirm as you feel the inevitable question bubbling up to the surface whenever you’re around your spouse’s colleagues.

“Are you a lawyer, too?”

You sigh shortly and confess, “No, I’m a writer.”

You still hate saying it because you feel like a Fakey McFakerson every time you do.

“Oh, a writer!” They inevitably exclaim. “What do you write?”

You sigh again. “I write about myself.”

And there it goes: Not only are you a Fakey McFakerson, you’re also a narcissist.

“Would I have read anything you’ve written?”

You blink.

You imagine what they might be thinking since you haven’t responded yet. They might be thinking that you are not a real writer. They are correct.

Real writers don’t panic when their spouse’s colleagues ask what they do.

Real writers don’t have MBAs.

Real writers breathe for the sole purpose of writing.

Real writers enjoy every minute…

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