Spring’s Garden Party…

Although this is set in Alabama, we could say comparable things about Spring in Virginia.

Camellia's Cottage

E8DE2819-5EEA-45D5-9B6B-2489DB6755BFI’m never really sure who’s going to show up at the Spring Garden Parties…it’s such a fickle dance. Who’ll show up early or be fashionably late? Will they be effusive, bring extra guests. Stand around half heartedly, even look bored. Perhaps they’ll chat like magpies or huddle together shivering and complaining. Spring is more like a house party that begins in fits and starts- gets rained out, stalls or lasts for weeks on end.

C5CCE609-5179-4CC4-B108-C8035B8D1B48As an amateur gardener, albeit for a long time… I’ve tried to arrange things so that most years- everyone doesn’t show up all at once. Here in Alabama-

  • We always count on the Camellia Cotillion to kick things off early- since they always bloom when nothing else is happening- they definitely steal the show.
  •  Back in those fickle February days, Flowering Quince showed up dressed to kill but the Yellow Bells never rang out even once.
  • The Daffodil Trumpets sounded early…

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