Big (Mouth) Red Broke Rule Number 3

stop signHere are 5 rules for phone use in the gym.

No cameras in the locker room–ever.

No texting or reading your email while taking a break from your exercises (when you  are sitting at the only leg press in the gym.)

Go outside if you have to take or make that phone call. 

Do listen to whatever type of music you enjoy on you smart phone play list,

Disconnect from your electronic life support for however long you are in the gym (the exception being Rule 4.)

When I first got to the gym today, a plump redheaded female of a certain age was sitting on the reclining bicycle next to me, listening to what I am guessing were tunes on her telephone.   Since I have heard this chatterbox on her phone before, I counted my blessings, turned up the Beach Boys on my iPod, and began my own half hour on the bike.

About 10 minutes into my ride, Good Vibrations turned Bad.  Within two minutes of Big (mouth) Red’s first telephone call, I learned she had an accent just two shades less country than Gomer Pyle’s,  her English was more colloquial than educated, and she had just broken up with her girl friend of a few years.  She then proceeded to say the break-up was over a series of misunderstandings and that she did not hold a grudge.  When the first person she called could no longer remain on the phone, it took her about 5 minutes to find another friend (victim) to call.   This time, I learned that one of her previous amours  did not really have another relationship, just “friends with benefits” as she liked to describe it.

She was still on the phone when my half hour on the bike was up and I could hopefully escape to the stretching room, about 150 feet away.  Alas, her voice carried into that space too.  So much for trying to give her a pretension of privacy and space.

Half the gym and I did not need to know this much about this woman’s love life.   Yet, if one of us had called her on it, we would have been the rude ones for listening to a private conversation we had no interest in hearing.  What do you do in a situation like this?



2 thoughts on “Big (Mouth) Red Broke Rule Number 3”

  1. There are distinct advantages to working out at home. I have a stationary bike in our guest room, but I don’t have the weight machines….. Fortunately the red-headed chatter box is not always there when I am.


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