Roll Your Own

roll your ownAre you upset/stymied/disgruntled because your job does not offer you the leadership opportunities you seek?  Have training opportunities gone to others that you think do not deserve them as much as you do?  What can you do about it?

If your job does not offer you these type of advancement opportunities, you may have to create your own.  Roll you own-self-create a tailor-made opportunity   You need to invest in yourself.  Even, if you think you don’t have the time, money, opportunity.. you do have you and it is the only you that you are going to have.


Many jobs require experience in public speaking and writing.  Have you volunteered to speak at a convention, neighborhood event, local religious or fraternal opportunity, professional association?  Have you written an op-ed piece to the local newspaper, professional association journal, school or neighborhood newsletter?  What are you interested in?  Most interests have an associated organization.  Many of these organizations are non-profit and are looking for volunteers do write, publicize, speak, do good deeds, or fund raise.

Do you need more training?  Community college, on-the-job training, mentoring, volunteering, free community or library training colleges, workshops,  and maybe free training available where you work are all opportunities to gain new skills.

Have you ever been leader?   Jobs are not the only places where leadership opportunities abound.  Scouts,  citizens’ groups, fraternal and religious organizations, professional associations, and other volunteer organizations all have leadership opportunities from the committee to the local/state/national levels.

helping hand

Analyze your industry and particular worksite–is it what you know or who you know?  Do advancements go to outsiders or is the company more likely to hire from within?  Figure out what you need to do to advance where you are at or somewhere else.

If someone tells that you can or that you can’t–you can prove them right.

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