Lunchtime Thief

bird nest in a bush

The mother bird thought she had passed every test

When deep in the bush she had hidden her nest.

She faithfully sat until all eggs were hatched

Until without warning, one nestling was snatched.

First the bush rustled and the mother bird squawked

When from out of the bushes, the lone blue jay walked

Out to the yard, his direction was angling

While from his beak, a bare wing was dangling

You could hear every bone snap and when down he did crunch

Enjoying the nestling he’d picked for his lunch.

blue jay in the grass




4 thoughts on “Lunchtime Thief”

  1. Yeah, itt’s a bird eat bird world out there. Jays are aggressive birds. Maybe cats and foxes are the enemy of jay nestling. (I’m not really sure.) Thanks for taking the time to comment. It’s amazing what one can observe from sitting on the back porch….


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