The Absurdity of Celebrity Book Clubs & Book Imprints

From whom do you get books recommendations?  Written reviews, friends, a librarian, browsing?  Have you been persuaded to buy a book because Oprah or SJP recommended it ?

via The Absurdity of Celebrity Book Clubs & Book Imprints

8 thoughts on “The Absurdity of Celebrity Book Clubs & Book Imprints”

  1. I don’t read a book because of a celebrity endorsement, but I can see why a big time fan would read a celebrity’s recommendation. I like to dig into reviews, and I like to browse physical bookshelves. Funny about the reviews, they don’t have to be GOOD reviews for me to choose a book. Sometimes what other people dislike (poetic prose, for example, or cliches) don’t bother me.


  2. I can’t ever recall reading a book because a celebrity recommended it. Come to think of it, I don’t usually have any idea what books celebrities recommend. I may hear about a book from a friend or a family member, or occasionally read a review in the newspaper, but I usually decide on the spur of the moment while I’m in the bookstore. I look for a new book by an author I’ve enjoyed before, or I’m intrigued by a cover blurb or the first page of the book, or something about the title, the cover, or the genre magically matches my mood at the right time. In my experience, recommendations from other people turn out to be off the mark as often as they hit it.


  3. I probably have read a book that Oprah recommended at some point, but that’s because she’s Oprah 🙂 I wouldn’t generally be swayed by celebrity endorsement, I think celebrities have too much of a break already in the publishing world as us lesser mortals try to get published!


  4. I’m so out of the loop when it comes to celebrities, their endorsements don’t mean a thing to me. And those pages of endorsements on the first few pages of a mass-market paperback are wasted on me. I usually pick books by the brief description. After I’m attracted by the cover, that is. These days I try to read mostly indie authors’ books.

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