Resume Facts vs Eulogy Facts

Ieulogy-musicalf we are seeking a job, our resume will probably be the first thing that potential employers learn about us.  How much education do we have?  What type of jobs have we had?  What have we accomplished?  Who are our references?  What are our hobbies or interests?

Yet when all of our tasks are completed and someone talks about us for the last time, what will  our eulogy say about us?  That person may mention where we have gone to school or where we have worked.  He or she will likely mention what we were known for and maybe a synopsis of what we accomplished.  But what type of person will someone say each of us is?  That type of information is not usually found in our resume.

If you are reading this, you have had a birth day and have not yet died.  You are in the dash period of your future tombstone or funeral marker.  What will you accomplish during your dash?  What do you want from life?  Do you want to be loved, honored, feared, esteemed, forgotten?

tombstone unmarked

You may write your obituary and your resume, but usually you do not write your eulogy.  What do you want yours to say about you?



11 thoughts on “Resume Facts vs Eulogy Facts”

  1. “Liked being with people. Couldn’t stand being in a crowd.”
    “Enjoyed a good puzzle. Didn’t know when to quit.”
    “A good friend to have. Had hardly any lifelong friends.”
    “Enjoyed watching children grow. Didn’t care much for being around kids.”
    “Loved a good story. Couldn’t tell one to save her life.”
    “Well, she tried. Probably not hard enough.”

    It’s Monday, it’s raining, and I spent yesterday afternoon at the mall with a friend. Life is full of ironies.

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  2. Oh my… I really want to think about it now?well I suppose better safe then sorry even if by experience even the most despicable once dead are glorified for the sake of the “audience”😱

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  3. Thanks Andrea. I can not take credit for the idea of the dash being the part of the life you live. I had heard it before but I thought it fit in with resume facts vs eulogy facts.


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