I am smart|من با هوشم

If you believe you can, you are right. If you believe you can’t, you are right. Read this amazing true story in the power of believing you can.

A Voice from Iran

A third-grade teacher was on medical break for a few months. A new substitute teacher walked into the class.

The substitute teacher continued the class like other normal days.


In every subject, he realized one of the students was slower and lacked self-confidence, causing his classmates to bully him a lot. One day when class was finished, the substitute teacher asked the slow student to stay after school.


The substitute teacher wrote a short poem from a famous poet on the board and told the student: “I would like you to memorize this poem tonight. Please don’t tell anyone about it.”


The next day, the substitute teacher wrote the same poem on the board and said: “I give you all 5 minutes to memorize this poem. It’s a famous poem and all of you have heard it before, so it shouldn’t be hard.”


After five minutes he erased the poem…

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7 thoughts on “I am smart|من با هوشم”

    1. Thanks, Mr. Mel. I thought Laleh Chini did an exceptional post. You might want to check out her blog if you have not already. You two have totally different styles but you both share inspirational postings.

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