Guest Post: Job Seeker Poem

Kally has very generously published a semi-biographical poem about an older job seeker. Check out her wonderful and informative blog for job tips, tips on how to be a freelancer (she is a very successful one), and inspirational messages.


One of my regular reader, Pat has contributed an amazing and beautifully penned poem about the pains of job hunting. We’ve all been there, charting the unknown waters and feeling despondent. Pat has perfectly put those emotions into words.

I hope you enjoy it and drop by

If the sky is the limit,

Then why am I blue?

I’ve got my degree

Plus a masters or two.

I’ve had many jobs

As I moved through the ranks

When I’ve left for the next one

They’ve usually said thanks.

“For the energy and vision

You’ve brought to each task

If we offered more money

Would you stay?” they might ask.

But those days are behind me.

The market is colder.

I’m still the same person

Except I’ve grown older.

I’m still trying

To market my brand.

My future employer

May be close at hand.

I’m a very hard worker…

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