Get the Poop on What It’s Really Like to Be a Librarian

To those of you who may have wondered:

  1. No, we don’t sit around all day and read books.
  2. We really do need a Masters degree (or more depending upon a job.)
  3. No, it is not all on the Internet and IT IS NOT FREE.
  4. To learn more, click here


16 thoughts on “Get the Poop on What It’s Really Like to Be a Librarian”

  1. I ran a post library which is like a public library on an Army base. Then I was a systems librarian at Department of Defense graduate school library. Now I volunteer as a cataloguer at the Miller Center for UVA.

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      1. When possible, I try to hit the reply to the individual. Sometimes on my phone, the screen or my dexterity is not sufficient. I did not know the difference in how I replied affected the notification process so you taught me something here.

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  2. That article was pretty accurate about libraries and librarians today. Too bad they had that stupid SHHH thing at the top. I’m surprised anyone still remembers that stereotype, since it’s been dead for decades. It must be perpetuated somewhere — TV, movies? Surely not in books! 😀

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