Reblog of Pacific Paratrooper Book Library

For those of you haved not yet discovered GP Cox Pacific Paratrooper’s blog, you are in for a treat.  His blog focuses on Pacific War era information.   He does not focus on Pearl Harbor specifically ” I didn’t cover Pearl all that much, as it has been done by so many, and everyone has their own opinion on it.”

Since today is Pearl Harbor Day, I thought his blog about WWII in the Pacific would be a timely one to discover.  Here is a reblog of some of the sources he uses to write his blog articles.

via Pacific Paratrooper Book Library – YTD


2 thoughts on “Reblog of Pacific Paratrooper Book Library”

  1. We’ll look forward to that update. I’ve been a World War II buff since at least high school. I learn a lot from your blog postings. If you are agreeable, I’d like to send you some questions for a potential interview sometime in 2019.


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