The Misadventures of Houdini Hamster: Sunflower Seeds

The continuing  misadventures of Houdini Hamster.

Chapter 3—Sunflower Seeds

Although Houdini liked to get new food in his food dish, he did not like Pippa’s hand coming into his cage. It’s trespassing.  He tried to bite her fingers whenever she picked up the food dish, but so far Pippa had been too quick for him.

“Why do you do that?” said L.C.. “Pippa is just trying to give you food.”

“I don’t like anyone messing in my cage,” replied Houdini.

“Houdini, hands are good things.  They bring you food, give you sunflower seeds to eat, scratch behind you ears. Hands can save you, if you fall into our cage like you did last time.”

“What’s a sunflower seed?” asked Houdini, purposely ignoring the comment about his falling into the gerbil cage.

“It’s delicious!” said L.C..  Dewey nodded his head so hard that his whiskers wiggled.

“I’ve never had a sunflower seed,” said Houdini.

“You don’t know what you’re missing.”  Dewey drooled in anticipation.

The next day after Pippa fed them, Houdini stared as she handed a small black and white seed to each gerbil.  Grabbing the seed with their paws, they scampered to opposite corners of the cage, gnawing on the side of the seed’s shell until their sharp teeth cracked it open, they then ate the small white seed inside the shell.

“What’s that?” asked Houdini.

“Sunflower seeds,” replied both gerbils, talking with their mouths full and spitting out bits of shell.

“Why didn’t I get a sunflower seed?”  Houdini asked.

“Every time Pippa puts her hand in your cage, you try to bite it,” replied L.C..  “She can’t give you a sunflower seed if you try to do that.”

“She could just put it into my food dish.”  Houdini retreated into his soup can to think.

When Pippa fed them the next day, Houdini did not try to bite her.  She looked at him in surprise.  “What’s going on with you?” she asked Houdini.  He just stared at her from the front of his soup can.  Nothing, Girl.  Just give me a sunflower seed and we’ll call it square.

The day after, he even sat next to where the dish was being lowered.  Pippa tentatively reached out her finger to scratch behind his large saucer-like white ears that stuck out on either side of his head.  It felt so good he wriggled with delight. “You liked that, huh?” she said.

What do you think, Girl?

Every day he remained still whenever Pippa fed him.  In a few days, he crawled into her hand.  Oh, a new way out of the cage.  She gave him a sunflower seed when she put him back in his cage.  It IS delicious!

“Guess you like that, don’t you, Houdini?” she said before putting the top firmly back on the cage.

Maybe you aren’t as dumb as you look.

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