Happy New Year

Crystal Pier-1

H appiness can only come from within.  Will you choose to be happy?

A llow others to come into you life. Will you share yourself with others?

P eople, places, posessions.  Which is the most important to you?

P urpose is why we are here.  What is your purpose for being?

Y oung at heart, age is just a number.  How young do you  feel?


N ever give up on your dreams.  What do you dream to accomplish in 2019?

E veryone has value.  Have you found yours?

W elcome change; it is  inevitable.  What changes would you like to make?


Y ou are the only you that you’ve got.  What do you make of that present?

E xplore your world.  Do you know your neighbors, local history or events?

A sk questions. What do you still want to learn?

R ealize this is the first day for the rest of you life.  What do you want to accomplish?




18 thoughts on “Happy New Year”

  1. I bat those same questions around all the time. Yesterday’s answers never seem to look quite as clean and sensible today, so I keep on asking. I guess that’s the point. Maybe I’ll get them right in 2019.
    Happy New Year.

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