Wishy-Washy Winter

winter tree.jpgCentral Virginia has had exceptional rainfall since last Spring.  In 2018, we recorded our second wettest year.   With each changing season, many of us hope that we will have more than a week without rain.  So far, no such luck.

I’ve lived in California and know that they desparately need the rain.  Another El Nino year  is in progress.  Like most trends, what starts in California, soon spreads across the nation.  The precipitation is no exception.

Except for climate change, we can not do anything about the weather except monitor it, discuss it, bitch about it, maybe even prepare for it, but we can not change it.  It will be hot/cold, wet/dry, seasonal/unseasonal.

I wish the rain would come and wash the dregs of snow away.  Yesterday I saw the first winter jasmine blossoms burst forth on their long shoots, adding small splahses of yellow on an otherwise gray/white landscape. Across the back yard, the daffodil stalks are an inch above the soil line.  Spring is staking out an early toehold.

Winter Jasmine Boar's Head Inn

Ground Hog Day is two weeks from tomorrow.  The fat rodent will be yanked, protestingly, from his burrow to forecast the possibility of an early spring.  He will have a shadow of a chance of being correct.

We’ve  gained almost an half hour extra of sunlight in the evening since the Solstice.  The calendar inches forward one day at a time but my impatient mind yells “Enough already!  Spring we’re waiting.”

Two crocus St. Paul Ivy Graveyard



21 thoughts on “Wishy-Washy Winter”

    1. We got a bit more than expected also. At least it was a nicely behaved snow, coating the grass and the trees, but not the road. The sun has yet to appear, just light fog keeping everything looking wet and gray. Thanks for taking the time to comment. 🙂


  1. I can agree with you–that is how I feel in the Spring and Fall. We are due for highs in the 20s and the feels like temps in the minus 0 range on Monday. Too cold to open a window then.


  2. I was going to write “Bah, humbug” in response to your mild complaint about snow, considering that we have had no snow at all since before Christmas …. until today. A winter with brown lawns and dreary rainfall is NO fun. Finally, today, we are getting a desultory snowfall that is forecast to yield maybe 4 inches. We’ll take it, of course. Beggars can’t be choosers. Still, this is hardly enough to keep farmers and those who count on snow for their winter income happy, to say nothing of those of us who wait all year for this season. In honor of today’s few flakes, I withhold my “Bah, humbug” for now. Things better look a lot whiter in the morning, though ……….

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  3. Damned the luck? (What I was actually thinking was a bit cruder.) Your weather sounds like ours, Enough already. I’m not sure we have had 5 precipitation-free days in a row since at least March. Each season I think the riches of rain will abate, so far no luck.


  4. No snow here (Vancouver Island, BC) but lots of rain–our usual. I’m kind of dreading next summer; they’re getting hotter and drier. Summer rain seems like a miracle to me. I see you have winter aconites (last photo). I haven’t managed to establish them yet.

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    1. I was told that the yellow flowers are actually Winter Jasmine. (But I may have been told incorrectly.) The angle of the picture does not truly show their being attached to long bush branches, sort of like forsythia. I know where some winter jasmine has just started to bloom this year and I will take a picture of that, which better displays the
      flowers on a long branch. Sorry about your lack of summer rain. Now Vancouver Island is beginning to sound too much like Southern California. I continue to be impressed by your plant knowledge.

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      1. I meant the little flowers with the green frills, growing out of grass. The other ones are certainly winter jasmine. I like the little red marks on the buds before they open. Reading blogs by gardeners all over the world is certainly an eye-opener.

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  5. It seems the strange weather that began early last year continues. We’ve had a very dry winter, very mild, with flowers blooming that wouldn’t normally bloom. It has turned colder now with more typical winter temperatures.

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  6. Ahh…I love the picture of the jasmin flower and such a beautiful hint of Spring! I’m with you on wishing it can arrive as soon as possible. Although we haven’t had any snow yet, the damp, grey days have been very wearing. Groundhog Day sounds like such a strange traditions and one I only know from the film … hope the poor animal doesn’t mind being woken so rudely! 😀😀

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    1. Thanks, Annika. Glad you liked the picture. I can’t speak for the Groundhog but one year he bit the ear of the man who was listening for the groundhog’s forecast. That tells me he was not happy.

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