Squirrelly in the Winter (Christmas 2018)

In honor of Squirrel Appreciation Day, we continue the adventures of Hoover the Squirrel.

Hoover had not been seen for a few months.  In Fall’s rich harvest, he did not need to visit the bird feeder to pawhandle.  No one hopped up to peer into the kitchen window to see if someone was available to throw nuts out on the backporch or peed on the teak chairs to mark their territory.  The birds were the only ones to use the feeder hanging from the back porch and a brick of seeds lasted longer than three days.

By Christmas time, the days were growing colder and food became less abundant.  The holly berries were disappearing off the holly bushes at an increasing rate.  When we went to the nursery to buy our front door Christmas wreath, we saw a wreath of bird seed that would be perfect to hang from the central post on the back porch.  The seed was attached with a ratafia bow and fastened to a styrofoam wreath.  My husband nailed it to the backporch.

squirrel wreath--all that was left

It lasted about a day.  The squirrels discovered it before the birds did.  They tugged on it so hard, that it fell off the porch and into the ivy below.  Hoover was seen dragging one of the large pieces back to his home in the beech tree.  The ratafia bow was the only part left.

Three days later, I went back to the nursery to buy another wreath. This one had a red plastic bow.  My husband nailed it more firmly to the porch post, hoping to make it more difficult for the squirrels to detach.

squirrel ramains of second food wreath onthe ground.jpg


It was a forlorn hope.  The second one lasted a few days longer than the first wreath, but it too ended up in broken pieces in the ivy.

squirrel ramains of second food wreath onthe ground

As it was with the original plastic squirrel feeders, it was Squirrels-2, Humans-0.  We replaced the second seed wreath with an evergreen wreath that survived until we took all of the Christmas decorations down in early January.

Hoover has resumed hanging upside down from the bird feeder.

squirrels--return on hoover


12 thoughts on “Squirrelly in the Winter (Christmas 2018)”

  1. You were very kind to remember Squirrel Appreciation Day and to give Hoover not one, but TWO Christmas presents. He is one appreciated squirrel. I hope he is grateful and that he rewards you with plenty of acrobats.
    BTW, have you considered heating his birdfeeder?

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  2. Hoover works for his food and provides entertainment by swinging upside down from the feeder. The rest of the little buggers just come by when Bob is out to throw nuts at them or eat what falls out when Hoover or the birds spill seeds on the porch. Glad you like the post.


  3. Thanks Lavinia. I like them better now that we have a bird feeder that so far they have not been able to destroy. They provide my husband with lots of entertainment and give him a sense of purpose by feeding them He chirps at them and is deluded into thinking they recognize his call. I think the squirrels have him trained.

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