Reblog: Merriam and Webster Homophone Quiz

Do you no/know the right/rite/write word to use?  Take this quiz and see how well you know the less common homophones.

I got 8 out of 10 and scored in the top 25%.  How well did you do?


15 thoughts on “Reblog: Merriam and Webster Homophone Quiz”

  1. A timed quiz does put on added pressure on it. I think that is probably why I may never have passed a Jeopardy online quiz. I often know the answers but not in 30 seconds.


    1. You did very well for a non-native English speaker. Your command of the English language would do many native speakers proud. (I’ve met several who only speak English and it’s rather appalling.)

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  2. I agree. Timed quizzes are for the birds. This one has the added complexity of using some words that are probably more common on the other side of the pond than there are in the U.S. ( like “phiz”, which I have only ever seen in Agatha Christie novels and never heard). Still, I do enjoy this sort of exercise. It’s a nice challenge. Thanks for reposting it.

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  3. I didn’t realize it was timed, and so was surprised when something automatically filled in two answers while I was leisurely contemplating them. I actually knew the answers, but wasn’t quick enough with the button. So, officially 8 out of 10. 😉

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