6 thoughts on “Maxed Out Blogger!”

  1. I post once a week every Friday at noon. Most of my readers appreciate the regularity. Occasionally I will re-blog posts over holidays just to keep thing interesting. However I’ve noticed many people post 8 times a week and then go dry for weeks. I believe this disinterests readers.

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  2. Good plan. I’ve heard it’s important to be on a schedule so your followers know when to expect a new blog post. I write as time and inspiration move me. It helps that I don’t mind sharing things that appeal to me.


  3. Good article. I’ve wondered a lot about the etiquette of blogging and following. I try to post once a month and still don’t always make it so I’m guessing I’m not overwhelming anyone. ha! Of course, I’m not going to become famous either. I think I can live with that though. 🙂

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