Taking Books to the People,part 10: Book Vending Machines

When you want to feed your hunger, you go to cuisine de machine aka the Vending Machine.  One elementary school is using that same technology to feed the minds of elementary school students.

This was featured as a Good Morning America story on January 30 at the Umatilla Elementary School in Umatilla, FL.  It was the brain child of school media specialist, Susan Caldwell.   The school started gathering books from Scholastic Book Fair points, donations and staff purchases.

According to the school principal, Diane Dwyer, “The children, grades kindergarten through 5th, are able to swap “Bulldog Bucks” for coins to buy books at the machine. “Bulldog Bucks” are tokens earned in exchange for committing a kind act, or working hard on an assignment.”  It was part of a Literacy week promotion and the machine is so popular it already had to be restocked.

A local church has donated a second vending machine so one will focus on K- grade 2 books while the other one will focus on grades 3-5.


An elementary school in Buffalo, NY had a similar idea  in December 2018.

Global Vending Machine offers the Booworm Book Vending Machine for $3,495 according to their website.

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