Reblog: Merriam-Webster love words

Valentine’s Day quiz “for lovers and haters” was created by Merriam-Webster.

I didn’t do well.  Obviously, Love is not my Forte when it comes to vocabulary.  Got in the 45% category..  Hope you do better.

11 thoughts on “Reblog: Merriam-Webster love words”

      1. Yes, there’s a little slider button near the top of the screen you can turn off. I found it when a quiz supplied the right answer for a question just as I had figured it out and was about to do it myself. Annoying! And trying to beat the clock means more wrong answers, I suspect. Often you can figure out the answer by applying whatever knowledge you have of Latin, Greek or other languages (only a bit in my case, but every little bit helps). These quizzes are fun; thanks for presenting them on your blog.

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