Valentine’s Day: Day of Love

If the whole world loves a lover

and all the the world’s a stage

Do we really like that actor

Who  does not act his age?

In tennis Love is nothing

A Love match has no score

What can tennis teach us

That we haven’t learned before?


L ive, love, learn, leave

O bserve, organize,  orchestrate

V olunteer, verify, (never) vilify

E ndeavor, enlighten, encourage



10 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day: Day of Love”

  1. […] People seemed surprised and liked the variety.  No one shredded the poems with criticism.  The light hearted poems were as well received as the more lyrical or highly scripted poems.  I told them I was regretting the submission of some poems.  They asked which ones.  I said I would tell them after the poems had been critiqued.  The ones I had not wanted  to include were Be Leaf in Yourself and Valentine’s Day: Day of Love,. […]


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