Reblog of Merriam-Websters: What Did You Just Call Me?

This quiz has a mixture of familiar and unfamiliar words.  I scored 9 out of 13 and still scored in the upper 25%.

What did you just call me?!” Try Merriam-Webster’s quiz “to see if you can respond appropriately.”

11 thoughts on “Reblog of Merriam-Websters: What Did You Just Call Me?”

  1. Did you see where Audrey Driscoll has found out how to turn off the buzzer? Slide the timer button to the left, just before you click the Start the Quiz button. Better luck next time.


  2. I also got 9 out of 13. And that was with the timer turned off. Quite a few of these words were new to me, so I resorted to guesses, not always educated. One question I was left with is: Why on earth would a seller of used clothing advertise an item as infested with lice? That was the setup for “pediculous,” so obviously I picked the other choice — and was wrong.

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  3. I couldn’t remember if I got pediculous correct or not. (I did not know the term.) I did recognize a few of them. For me, luck played a bigger role than skill or knowledge. I wouldn’t want a lice infested camisole. I have heard where lice where used during WWII because the lice ate the dead tissue in gangrene wounds when nothing else was available. (Or did they use maggots (?) I need to look that up–just did and it was maggots.


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