Library Offerings You May Have Missed

mushroom cloudDuring World War II, the United States was researching the atomic bomb in Las Alamos, NM.  It was called the Manhattan Project.  Online Oral Histories of the Manhattan Project.

From the About Section: “‘Voices of the Manhattan Project’ is a joint project by the Atomic Heritage Foundation and the Los Alamos Historical Society to create a public archive of our oral history collections of Manhattan Project veterans and their families. The Manhattan Project was a great human collaboration. Participants included recent immigrants who fled anti-Semitism in Europe, young men and women straight from high school or college, and numerous Hispanics, Native Americans, and African-Americans. Some 125,000 people worked in secret locations in communities developed by the government for the sole purpose of the project. Most surprisingly, very few knew that they were working on an atomic bomb.”

“Launched in October 2012, this website captures the stories of Manhattan Project veterans and their families. Thanks to grants from the Crystal Trust, Department of Energy-NNSA, Institute of Museum and Library Services, the Kerr Foundation, and the M. J. Murdock Charitable Trust, the Atomic Heritage Foundation and the Los Alamos Historical Society are digitizing and transcribing our oral history collections and adding the interviews to this website. We hope that in time others will add to these oral histories. Our goal is to provide a sense of both the commonality and diversity of the Manhattan Project experience for scholars, students and the public. There are many ways to search this site. In addition to the search bar and the filters used to organize by location and subjects (which are intended to emphasize important themes), you can also click on ‘tags’ to find out more about a specific topic on the oral history and location pages.”

Drag Queen Story Hour      Kids may not understand the concept of Drag Queens, but they do understand imagination, so he Drag Queens fit right in.


From wikimedia,  not the story  hour drag queens


These stories came from Interesect Alert, February 24, 2019 by the SLA San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of SLA.


4 thoughts on “Library Offerings You May Have Missed”

  1. I’ll have to take a look at that archive. It sounds fascinating. Many years ago, I remember talking to a colleague who had been in his 30s when he went to Los Alamos as a physics grad student. He, too, said that he no idea at the time that they were doing bomb research. He was just there to do something with electronics.

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