Blog Spam–How Much is Too Much?

buried under paperworkNo matter how much I may like your postings (otherwise I hope I would not have subscribed to your blog), I would really like to get no more than one or two blog posts a day.  More than that is blog spam or bloglogna.

I realized that this is a personal opinion and you may feel justified in sending multiple posts a day.  You may argue that they cover different topics or they are lovely pictures that do not require much effort to zip through.  You may also rightfully say that if the topic does not appeal to the reader then just delete the post.

It takes me a few seconds to scan your blog to ascertain whether or not it is something I want to read.  On my laptop, I can just click the box in the in front of your post and delete several blogs at a time, based upon the title.  On my cellphone I need to open each one before I can delete it.  That is at least 3 keystrokes per blog for something I want to delete.  Each of those keystrokes adds up, especially if the connection is slow.  Even if I elect to recieve one mass email per day, I still have to sort through a lengthy block of posts to see which ones I may want to examine further.

Some of you, I truly wish would post more often, but there are at least 3 of you that post mulitple times almost every day.  I like many of your postings so I really don’t want to block you or remove myself from following your blog.  Please show a little consideration for those of us who like your blog, but in moderation.


18 thoughts on “Blog Spam–How Much is Too Much?”

    1. Glad you liked the bloglogna. People like to write on a variety of topics–way too many to read. Some like to thank their readers, especially if they left a review or multiple stars on Amazon for one of their book titles. Others just like to take and post pictures either one at a time or on a particular topic. I’m not arguing with any of the bloggers’ choices, I just don’t want to read multiple entries per day. Sort of like the person who dresses to accentuate all of their physical attributes–make us wish we could see more rather than wishing there was less to see.


  1. I make it very easy on myself. I only follow one blog and I read it religiously. And fortunately, she rarely posts more than once a day. Let the cream rise to the top and you don’t have to worry about the rest. 🙂

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  2. I totally agree. My posts are scheduled for every Friday. I occasionally reblog a post mid-week but some people I follow post three to five times a day – simply too much. BTW – I love the word “bloglogna.” 👍👍

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    1. Hi Allen, Thanks for liking my made up word. Right now I am slogging through one of the multi-posting bloggers and wondering how many to delete without bothering to see them at all. They multiply faster than I can delete–sort of like the old Star Trek episode, “The Trouble with Tribbles.”

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  3. Agreed! I mentioned this in one of my recent posts. It’s taking me way longer to go through my Reader these days, even though I don’t read everything there. I find I appreciate the less frequent bloggers’ offerings more than the ones who turn on the firehose.


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