Medal of Honor Day–March 25

Medal of honorStar Spangled Girl, Janine Strange, is once again organizing a mail call to send a letter to Medal of Honor winners.  Her website even provides the names of the 72 Living Medal of Honor winners.    Living MOH winners span from WWII through the War in Afghanistan.


Individual participants: Write to as many Recipients as you’d like! Just make sure you put their names on the outside of each envelope.

Group participants: Please fill out the group form (scroll all the way down). We will send you an email with an assigned Recipient – or Recipients; this helps ensure all Recipients are ‘adopted’ evenly.

Here’s a list of all 72 living Medal of Honor Recipients, their names are clickable so you can learn more about them.

Send your mail on or before 3/15/19 to:

Medal of Honor Mail Call
attn: Recipient’s Name(s)
2400 Boston Street, ste 102
Baltimore, MD 21224.

Please sort! If you are writing to more than one Recipient, please sort and batch them before mailing. This will help me out a lot when I am sorting the thousands of letters that are coming in.

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