11 thoughts on “Women in WWII”

  1. It was a no brainer for International Women’s Day. Thanks for doing all of the heavy lifting, GP. I saw this and two other posts that I may purloin in the remarks section of your blog post yesterday.


  2. Thank you for posting this, Pat. Even now, the role of the WASP is largely unknown. I have visited several aircraft museums and historical sites over the years, including the Smithsonian’s new facility outside DC and the museum at Kitty Hawk, and have rarely seen more than a passing mention of them. My mother served in the WASP and was only recognized officially for her service and given veteran status, along with her fellow aviators, when Congress passed legislation in 1977 She died before knowing that the government awarded the Congressional Gold Medal to WASP members in 2009

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  3. I never knew your mother was a WASP. I read a fascinating book about them (I think in the 90s). I need to look that book up again. The government really did misuse the WASPs for decades.


  4. Try “Women in the Wild Blue”, by David A. Stallman, published in 2006 by Carlisle Printing. It’s a good history of the WASP at Camp Davis in NC. That was a rough place for the WASP.


      1. I decided to share the original article on Facebook. I have a couple of friends who are history buffs. It feels as though it’s the bloggers, writeres, and other “amateur” innovators who are doing the heavy lifting of education these days.

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  5. Women contributed to America’s WW II efforts way more than has been recognized. In addition to military service, there were millions of women who literally “held down the home front,” no small feat at all in a post depression economy.

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