Reblog: How Fast Do You Read?

Take this test to find out how fast you read.ย  You need to answer 3 simple questions at the end to confirm you understood what you read. I read faster than 45% of the British public.

Lenstore created a reading speed test and survey that “gives you a passage from a novel to read at your natural reading speed, followed by questions to prove you understood it.”

19 thoughts on “Reblog: How Fast Do You Read?”

  1. Mine was from Alice too. According to the widget at the end, “YOU READ FASTER THAN 92% OF THE GREAT BRITISH PUBLIC,” which may say as much about the British public as it does about me.

    Years ago, I went to a workshop sponsored by the NEH, where we were given an absolutely monstrous stack of reading to devour and discuss over the two-week period. As a scientist, I was accustomed to reading at the word or phrase level, digesting each though before moving on. Humanists don’t do that, I discovered, They get the Gestalt of a paragraph at a time, so they were running circles around me. That was 20 years ago. I resolved to reform, and I guess it worked. There’s nothing quite like being shamed by a gang of English professors.

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  2. Now don’t bite my head off. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I was taught to speed read in the 6th grade and in junior high I read at 3,650 words a minute (with full comprehension). I’ve slowed down a bit but still read over 3,000 words a minute. As an editor, it comes in handy.

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  3. I shouldn’t have bothered reading the excerpt. I know Alice, I could have been better than 100% of the reading public. The question is: how much do you retain of what you have read a week later. Or a year later.

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