Female spies of WW2

Women served behind the lines as well as the men. Read about these amazing female spies from WWII.

Back On The Rock

The Special Operations Executive (SOE) was set up in 1940 by the Ministry of Defence. Its purpose was simple – to conduct espionage, sabotage and reconnaissance in Occupied Europe. Of necessity, it was a shadowy organisation.

But, after the War, tales emerged of the heroic deeds of those involved. And many of them were women. Here are the brief stories of two of them.

VIRGINIA HALL, the ‘Limping Spy’, was probably the most famous of the SOE women. Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Hall was aged 34 at the outbreak of war. A gifted student, she followed up her US college life by continuing her studies in Europe. She became fluent in the French, Italian and German languages whilst obtaining a diploma in economics and international law.

Following a shooting accident in 1932 her left leg was amputated below the knee. Thereafter she wore a wooden leg. Thus thwarted in…

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3 thoughts on “Female spies of WW2”

  1. Spies stories are always fascinating and if true I say irresistible.Unfortunately when I think at women spies I can’t help but to think to a tv show I used to watch as a kid about the adventures of this female spy in the forties…nothing strange you would think ,except the actors were all real chimpanzees 😳😂But it was very good and she had lovely outfits 😀

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    1. What a cool idea to use chimpanzees. I remember a similar show but think it involved chimps as private eyes rather than spies. You could write something about spy chimps. Bet it would be hilarious.

      Liked by 1 person

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