Swimming Pool Etiquette: 5 Easy Things To Remember

please shower before entering pool1.  Take a Shower. We’re supposed to take a shower before the entering the pool.  Most of us know that but not everyone practices that behavior.   If you have just finished your gym workout, and going to the pool or the hot tub is your reward, then you need a shower.

2.  Wear a bathing suit or at least a clean substitute. Last week several co-eds took it one step further.  They not only didn’t shower, but they went into the jacuzzi  with their workout clothes still on.  One can only hope that the chlorine in the hot tub was strong enough 1) to kill the germs and 2)  eat through some of the lycra so that the girls got a lesson why this was not a good idea.

lanes in a swimming pool3.  Share a lane.  If the pool lanes are full and people are waiting, offer to share a lane with them.  Many pools have lanes that are wide enough to share.  However, you should be aware of the pool culture–some places you have to share, other places don’t encourage it, especially if there are more than two people per lane.  (I once belong to a gym that only had a few lanes and people had to swim the laps in circles based upon the self-decided pace of the swimmer.)

4.  If you are learning to swim and can safely stand in the lane you are in, please don’t ask someone to move so you can use the lane next to the side.  Obviously this rule does not apply it the water is too deep to safely stand up, or you are too afraid of the water if you can’t always keep one hand on the side of the pool.

5.  If you are not swimming  and are standing around chatting with some chums, people waiting at side of the poolplease don’t block the steps to the pool.  This is more  prevalent in outdoor pools than the one at the gym. Some pools have  designated loafers lane– hang out there.  A version of this is when you and your friend spend more time talking in side by side lanes than you do swimming.  If people are waiting, please be considerate and keep swimming or continue the conversation out of the water.


6 thoughts on “Swimming Pool Etiquette: 5 Easy Things To Remember”

  1. I am an experienced swimmer (one of those former college athletes), and I agree with everything you said. I’d also add that when you share a lane, make sure you communicate with the other person if you are circle swimming or taking sides so you won’t bump heads.:-)

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    1. Excellent point. I’ve only swam in one pool where they circle swam. In the various pools, we have used, we usually say which side of the lane we want to swim on. It’s always good to not make assumptions.


  2. Even if you are a swimming enthusiast, there are rules that are essential to follow when swimming in a swimming pool. I think they are not difficult to follow. A great help to do the best.

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  3. Simple consideration for others is often lacking. I have had to gently remind several people at our gym to clean the equipment after they have used it. One asked me, “Why?” I replied, “Because I don’t want to particularly share any of your communicable diseases!” (crickets, blank look) 😏


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