24 thoughts on “Pew Research Science Quiz”

    1. Almost certainly, but this was a test of truly basic knowledge. I would hope that any high school grad, or anyone who reads the newspaper, would be able to get a decent score.

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      1. Did you see the accompanying article where the results were broken out by race? Sad commentary on what most of us don’t learn in school. (Or do we just go with our assumptions and all that implies.)

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  1. I really don’t like quizzes that throw only softball questions. I keep suspecting that there must be a trick in there somewhere, so I take twice as much time as I ought to. It’s disheartening to look at the stats, though, and see what a high percentage of the test population got abysmal scores.

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    1. I know you are a scientist and could answer much harder questions than those of us who are varying forms of liberal arts majors. The test was much easier than I anticipated, which is why I answered all of the questions correctly.


      1. Yes, that’s why I responded to Priscilla’s observation as I did. And yet it should not be that way. When I first encountered C.P. Snow’s essay on the Two Cultures a half century ago, I was skeptical. When I was naive and in my 20s, I couldn’t believe that non-scientists could be as ignorant about science (or non-humanists as ignorant about the humanities) as he was claiming. Sadly, he was right, and it hasn’t been getting much better. Nor has the gap between racial groups ( on either side of the science/humanities hill ) gotten smaller. I am mildly encouraged that the gender gap is slowly decreasing, and I’m always pleased that a higher level of education minimizes differences, but they are still there. The implications for public policy and for daily life are immense.

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  2. I was surprised to get 11/11 right, and most of the answers I knew right away. My background is creative writing and humanities all the way, but as several readers commented, the questions seemed to test basic knowledge.

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